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Pets Country Club understands that some pets have special needs. We encourage all clients to discuss any individual needs that your pet may require, so that we can best care for them during their stay. 


Our staff will endeavour to meet any reasonable request that will make your pets stay with us as happy and comfortable as possible. The following is a sample of the types of special needs your pet may require:

Did you know that veterinarians consider large breeds of dogs 'aged' at 6 years old! They generally agree that by 7-10 years, all breeds of dogs are aged and by 11 years cats too should be treated as a senior pet. 


If you take this information into account - once our pets reach 12 years of age, they may begin to experience some similar conditions to that of an 80-year-old human. 

At Pets Country Club we realise that though they may appear to be in good health externally, sometimes their body can be showing more than their age internally. Therefore, it is a requirement that all pets aged 12 years and over are automatically placed into our Aged Care Program.


Our Aged Care clients have intensive monitoring and recording, as well as three Mini Yaps per day. This helps our team to recognise any subtle signs that an unwell senior may show and enable us to quickly take action to treat any ill health with the assistance of our Veterinarians.


Our Pet Attendants take records at key intervals of the day regarding the following:

  • Appetite

  • Fluid intake

  • Urine

  • Bowel movement

  • Body movement, and

  • Any medications/medical concerns (if applicable)


Also included in the price is the administration of any medication or special dietary meals that your pet requires.

If your pet requires numerous medications or has medical issues that needing a little more attention while they are here, it may be beneficial to elect to join our Aged Care Program for greater piece of mind.


We trust your understanding in our interest to provide the best possible care to your pets while you are away. Pets Country Club advises against boarding guests who have a terminal illness and are in the late stages of that illness.

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