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Why Choose Us

The most important reason to book a stay for your VIP (Very Important Pets) at Pets Country Club is 'peace of mind'. Read what our clients have to say about us  here.

  • Family owned AND operated since 1996!

  • Deep roots in the pet care industry, with a history of shaping and implementing policies in various fields, such as veterinary care and dog training.

  • Continuous monitoring, comprehensive documentation and daily health assessments for pets.

  • The family also built a highly successful pet hotel business from conception to reality, 'The Pets Hotel' Port Melbourne, which they operated for 12 years before handing it over to new owners.

  • Spectacular open spaces.

  • Free dog temperament assessments.

  • Morning dog play included with every stay.

  • Superior customer service.

  • We offer pet Boarding, Doggy Day Care Dog and training.

  • Open 7-days per week.

  • Huge variety of services and activities to keep your pet busy during their holiday.

  • Relaxing music played throughout the facility to help ease anxiety and provide entertainment.

  • Free monthly newsletter.

  • 24hr security – residence on site for peace of mind.

  • Guest suites are designed to ensure maximum hygiene and minimise stress.

  • Suites are kept clean and sanitary throughout the day.

  • Luxury Suites furnished with flat screen TV's as well as own large private yard catering for the most discerning of customers.

  • Super-Premium quality food supplied to all pets.

  • Our facility is a registered Domestic Animal Business and is inspected yearly to ensure we meet all the Code of Practice standards.

  • We exceed the industry's Code of Practice in relation to our Cat and Dog Suite size, ventilation, and security.

  • We will not let your beloved pet go home stinky or in a mess! All pets are bathed upon check-out.

  • We look after dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, ferrets and more! (please call for more information).

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