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2023 in Review: Highlights from a landmark year

Season’s greetings to all our loyal clients and your dear furry friends. 😊


As I write these words, Christmas is just days away and after another incredibly busy (and quite a momentous) year for our humble family-run business, we’re getting into the festive spirit in earnest. The Christmas tree is up and decorations abound across Elcho Park!


2023 has been a landmark year for the Pets team (pictured above). And after a rough few years of COVID disruptions, it’s also felt like the first “normal” 12 months we’ve enjoyed since 2019 - something we're very grateful about.


From the big things like rebranding our business to ‘Pets Country Club’ and launching our fresh new website, to the smaller items like suite upgrades at our Lara address; here’s a look back at the year that was.


  • Our big rebrand: One of the biggest changes we’ve made to our family-run business of late is undoubtedly our big rebrand from ‘The Pets Hotel Country Club’ to ‘Pets Country Club’, which we officially unveiled to our community in August. As Yvonne said at the time, not only does our new name roll off the tongue a little easier, but it will also help us stand out from competitors. Rest assured though, our business, our Elcho Park Lara address and our passion for caring for people’s pets remains the same!

Also in Yvonne’s words: “We love our jobs because we love pets. When we are not with our client’s pets, we are surrounded by our own and couldn’t be happier. And that’s why we’re so excited to refresh our brand and rename our business to ‘Pets Country Club’ as we approach the fourth decade of our family-run labour of love!!”


From this…


To this…


  • Our fresh new website: Closely related to our big brand refresh, you will also have noticed our fresh new website which went live in September; the window into our business and all the services we offer our clients and their VIPs (Very Important Pets). We’ve also retained our popular ‘Pets Press Room’ from the old site to share practical tips for keeping your furry friends happy and healthy. Stay tuned as we update this page monthly!


  • Suite upgrades at Elcho Park: Earlier this year, we introduced our new ‘PetExecutive Suites’ after refurbishing the area previously called our ‘Conservatory Suites’. Boasting fully climate-controlled rooms and glass to maintain optimum temperature and filter out noise, these new Dog Suites include a complete sound system – based on studies that show the positive influence auditory enrichment has on canine health.

With the Summer holidays upon us, we wish you all a Merry Christmas and hope you find some quality time to put up your feet and enjoy a well-deserved rest as we head into 2024. Next year promises to be another big one and the Pets Country Club team hope you and your furry friends will be a big part of it! 😎🎄

Keen for a cool and comfortable place for your pets to stay while you savor a well-deserved Summer break? Contact our friendly team at Pets Country Club Lara on (03) 5282 1286.

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