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Common Post Boarding Behaviour

Updated: May 2

It’s been a fun-filled few days for your furry friend (and yourself of course) while you’ve been away enjoying a well-deserved holiday. 😊

From making new paw pals in the playground, to cooling down in our outdoor Splash Pad or resting up in our cosy home style suites, their stay at Pets Country Club has been a welcome change of scenery for you both!

Now comes the time to collect your precious pet from our Elcho Park Lara address and inevitably return to your regular daily routine.

Like many dog owners, you might notice the following common post-boarding pet behaviours once they arrive home - behaviours that seem a little unusual at first and may make you feel they ‘aren’t quite themselves’. Rest assured they’re completely normal and should go away after 2-3 days:

After their stay, your pet may be:

  • 1. Feeling extra thirsty: One of the most common post-boarding behaviours you’ll likely see in your furry friend is them displaying extra signs of thirst after arriving home. Rest assured, they had plenty of water available during their stay at Pets Country Club, but all that extra playing, barking and even the drive home has left them feeling excited. And of course, there’s the thrill of seeing your familiar face again! The key here is to give them a little water once you arrive home, but not too much - so their tummy has time to settle down. 😊

  • 2. Tired & sleepy: Wow, have they had some real fun during their stay with us! From playing with new friends, to lying in the sun in our outdoor park, or barking at their new neighbours, it’s no surprise they’ll be feeling a little worn out. So don't worry if your furry friend appears extra tired and sleepy once you both arrive home. Give them the extra time and space they need for a little nap, and yourself the permission to catch some rest as you readjust to familiar surrounds.

  • 3. A hoarse voice: Making new friends involves a lot of talking, which leads us to our third common post-boarding pet behaviour you’ll likely notice - a voice that may sound a little hoarser and more “scratchy” than usual at first. That’s because they had a lot to tell their new paw pals during playtimes and all the fun they’ve had may have led to more barking than usual. Don’t worry, their normal voice will return in no time at all!

  • 4. A little thinner: Wow, don’t I look great?! After returning home from their stay, it’s likely your pet will have lost a little weight – thanks to all the exercising and playing they’ve enjoyed with their new friends. They may also have gone off their food for a short time because they missed you (their human parent). But their friends played and cuddled with them a lot, whilst they enjoyed plenty of time to relax and enjoy some tasty treats. 😊

  • 5. Softer poops: The final common post pets boarding behavior you might notice, their poops may be a little soft because their food has changed from what they usually eat at home. They may have also been a bit anxious because they missed you dearly – with these things sometimes upsetting their tummy. The best way to deal with this is to not feed your pet straight away once you first return home. Instead, better to wait a couple of hours as they re-adjust to familiar surrounds.

Keen for a little Spring break and need a cosy place for your furry friend to stay? Contact our friendly team at Pets Country Club Lara on (03) 5282 1286.

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