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Private Dog Suite Policy Update

Updated: Dec 16, 2023

Hello to our dear customers and your furry friends : ) 


Unfortunately, external factors have required us to update our pricing policies across accommodation styles at Pets Country Club; specifically for dogs who need private accommodation (I.e. those who cannot share a suite).


All our Dog Suites are priced based on twin-share accommodation. This model was adopted almost 30 years ago as we understand dogs are pack animals who benefit from the company of a suitable friend.


While there have always been some dogs who do better on their own, historically we have allowed private rooms to be booked at minimal cost (often at the same price as a twin-room).


We’re now witnessing a shift in pets’ needs, primarily stemming from under-socialisation during the COVID years. This, along with other factors has seen the need for more and more of our doggy guests to upgrade to a Private Suite, rather than a shared space.


This is impacting our greater community as we are finding we’re often booked out. Other than the inability to accept bookings, there are also increased costs with providing one-on-one attention to our private guests, especially if those dogs also require private playtimes and individualised programs as part of our other enriching Activities.


While we have always had a Private Room Surcharge, we want to take the opportunity to outline exactly how much this will be at different times of the year. These changes will come into effect January 1 2024. However, any bookings that have already been paid for will not be subject to these private surcharge updates. 


Private Room Charges:

  • Off-Peak = 50% of twin-share price.

  • Peak (public holidays, long weekends and school holidays) = 100% of twin-share price.


There are several factors affecting a dog’s suitability for shared accommodation. This includes but is not limited to:


  • Owners authorising us to have your dog share a room (this must be done every stay via the completion of our contract).

  • Pets Country Club assessments.


This policy in no way reflects any specific breed, and we continue to welcome all dogs. 😊 


Our decision to implement the private surcharge policy is to offset the increased operational expenses of running our business in the current economic climate. We also feel it allows us to ensure the safety and comfort of every one of our guests.


We appreciate this will create hurdles for some families which is why we’ve put off implementing this policy as long as possible. However, we are happy to announce we're also launching our Loyalty Rewards Program from February 1 2024 – more details to follow!


Thank you for your continued support and understanding. Please feel free to contact our friendly team if you have any questions. We look forward to serving you and your furry friends in future! 😊

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