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Summer Smiles: Funny Pet Pics

Happy New Year to all our dear customers and your VIPs (Very Important Pets)!! 😊

As we begin 2024, we’d like to wish you a safe and prosperous year ahead, rich in adventure and free from any unnecessary drama. At the time of writing, the working year is now underway, and with the kids returning to school, what better way to ease your transition back to ‘reality’ than by sharing some cute and funny pet pics – sourced from our very own Pets Country Club family and friends.

They say even just looking at photos of cute pets, let alone spending time with them is great for our mental health; lowering our stress levels and easing anxiety. So, we hope this adorable collection also brings a big smile to your dial as it did for us!

  • Camouflage kitty: A dear long-time friend to the Pets family, Sandey adopted cute pedigree kitten ‘Mali’ early last year. Since then, she’s become part of the furniture in Sandey’s household both literally and metaphorically… “Boo, you can’t see me?” she might be thinking as she luxuriously lazes on her favourite spotted armchair! 😻

  • Triple trouble: From a household of many cats, Sandey also shared this cute pic of Mali resting amongst her fellow paw pals… they do say good things come in threes! 🐱🐱🐱

  • Mali, the “guest speaker”: A crowd favourite from last year and one too good not to share in 2024 (we did promise Sandey after all)… drumroll for an encore round of Mali as the “guest speaker”. While she doesn’t have an agent yet, we don’t think it will be too long before a few offers come forward! 🐱😄

  • Sleepy heads… nothing to see here Mum!! And wrapping up our Mali marathon, here she is with one of the many fellow kitties in Sandey’s household. It’s been a busy time dealing with such fame… so in this pic Mali is about to enjoy a well deserved rest for the night! 🐱

  • I got you mate! Another dear friend of the Pets family, Michael is fortunate to have a number of furry friends in his life who bring countless moments of joy… including ‘Jagger’ the ever-excitable Kelpie and ‘Gregg’, a ginger feline who are the very best of friends. Who ever said cats & dogs don’t get along!? 🐱🐶

  • Marvelous Mavis: Also from Michael’s collection – a cute and funny pic from his neighbour’s cat called ‘Mavis’ who has made his garden her second home these past two years – earning her the apt nickname of “Garden Girl”. Her habits include, but are not limited to laying on her back, chewing on his grass and sitting amongst his vibrant red Bougainvillea bush when in bloom! 😻

  • Lucy the social climber: Michael’s neighbours cute Frenchie “Lucy” took a liking to his recently updated staircase (maybe it was the smell of freshly laid timber floorboards or perhaps she was keen on the exercise?). Ever the social climber, Lucy loves all the hugs and attention she receives at home and from strangers on her daily walks!! 😃

  • License please! Some dogs have a need for speed… including this fella at Elcho Park who’s taken a liking to this fancy set of wheels. We hope he obeys the road rules, drives safely and doesn’t give the police and other motorists too big a shock when they notice a furry face in the next lane! 🐕🚘

  • The great chase: It was on like donkey kong amongst these three furry friends, eyes on the prize as they chased each other across Elcho Park… seeking to get their paws on this squeaky cactus. As any dog owner knows, these toys have quite the hypnotic effect. 🌵😄

  • Happy Husky: And finishing on an appropriately sunny note, here’s a very happy Husky who caught our eye at Elcho Park recently. One of our favourite things about dogs is their happy faces and those adorable moments when they look at us and just smile. Unconditional love in its purest form. 😍

Keen to find out more about the Pets Country Club at Elcho Park Lara? Contact our friendly team of professional animal lovers on (03) 5282 1286.

For shorter stays, we also offer our very popular Doggy Daycare service at both addresses, complete with climate-controlled rooms, plenty of blankets for a cosy midday nap and ample outdoor space for when the sun is shining : )

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